G.T.S. has vehicles with a middle carring capacity (all insulators) for  speedy deliveries (Rome-Airports-Latina-Frosinone) while for remaining  transport included those with a controlled temperature a/o refrigerated,  it utilizes external carriers (with verified capacity).  For international shipment G.T.S. works only with carriers of first class.  It is particularly specialized in chimical, pharmaceutical, electronic,  video, computer and cinema products with a longtime activity carried  on for firms belonging to the above sectors.  Equal specialization in making INTRASTAT, operations planing ITV,  ITO, working reports (factors of unsold goods) ecc.  As appreciation for the offered services more and more specialized,  organized, actual and clear it has obtained in 1996 the Quality  Certification (UNI EN ISO 9002) for customs operations and  international shipment.  Mr. Emilio Costa (Managing Director Shipment and Customer Service)  and Mr. Fausto De Rosa (Managing Director Customs and Customer  Service) are at your disposal for possible other explainations.  At your service for all customs clearances, airport assistance for  loading and unloading, insurance, international shipping forwarders by  air, sea and land way.